Business-Class Networking & Wi-Fi

Let Vic Innovations handle the network setup or maintenance for your business. We've built the fastest network in Northwest Kansas and we're here to do the same for you. We handle everything from basic infrastructure to advanced network installation and maintenance. It doesn't matter the platform. We do it all from Windows to Linux, servers to workstations, wired to wireless, and everything in-between.

Wi-Fi Networking

Let Vic Innovations customize your wireless application, and streamline your network. We can provide the following services in order to get your wireless network up and running exactly the way you want:

  • Enterprise-grade spectral analysis and mapping of current wireless zones.
  • Wireless network planning based on analysis for uninterrupted wireless access throughout premises.
  • Development of customized indoor and outdoor wireless networks.
  • New system installation, and old system modifications/upkeep.
  • Wireless equipment sales.
  • Custom point-to-point wireless solutions (To connect separated buildings for unified communications).

Contact us today if you or your organization needs assistance in planning, maintaining, or installing your wireless network. Find peace-of-mind knowing that you will have the most cost-effective, efficient solution to your necessary applications, and keep your wireless network running smoothly with some of the best wireless equipment available on the market today.