Who We Are

Incorporated in February of 2013, Vic Innovations, Inc. began as a simple computer repair company providing computer repair services within the region. We were also an installation contractor for satellite internet systems for under-served rural customers.

Over time, we discovered the immanent need for more sufficient connections to the internet, not only for the people living in cities and towns, but for those living in rural and agricultural areas. It appeared that the current providers were not filling the void, and were even failing to provide a reasonable quality of service to customers in more populated areas. Not only were they failing, but they were charging astronomical prices for sub-par access to the internet, something that has become necessity for the modern world, rural or otherwise.

As a start-up company, Vic Innovations is still in its infancy. However, our network has proven itself as a data-workhorse, providing connections up to 300Mbps on the residential level, and up to 500Mbps to businesses and organizations. This network provides service not only to towns, but to rural areas via outdoor wireless systems.

Our Mission

The focus of our company is to provide excellent service to all people in all things. We believe we can accomplish this by maintaining a satisfied, competent workforce. We work diligently to benefit our employees and create a business family in order to fulfill the needs of our customers to the best of our abilities with honesty, integrity, and transparency in our business relationships. We firmly believe that the purpose of business began as a dedication to essentially help people solve problems, and the profit from newly formed client relationships should be funneled into improving and expanding on that sole purpose. Profit is a necessity of business, but in our modern world, we've seen profit become the primary focus of many organizations rather than the means to improve those essential business relationships.

Why Choose Vic Innovations?

The answer is simple: At Vic Innovations, you will receive the personalized service you deserve from individuals devoted to fulfilling your needs in whatever way necessary. That service comes complete with a team of capable representatives that genuinely care about your questions and concerns. With our company, you can expect kindness, respect, generosity, and personalized attention in addition to comprehensive, effective solutions to your necessary applications.

We sincerely hope to speak to you very soon to assist you in whatever way we can, and we look forward to your satisfaction in doing business with an organization dedicated to integrity in the workplace. Get peace-of-mind in knowing that your questions and concerns will be addressed with the utmost in professional courtesy, and walk away from every interaction with our company with the fulfillment you deserve as a valued customer.